Melodii album "david allen"
This song belongs to Bucko And Champs. I just cut out the Batman smells verse to avoid complaints.
This recording belongs to Sugar Kane Music: I just changed the key to G to make ...
And I love her cause she's my Mum Audio is not mine taken from another youtube clip directed by Cindy Statham.
Fixed up the "than" vs "then" sorry aboot that.
Had to lower the original song down a semi-tone to fit neatly on the Uke.
It's Do Re Me ... and it's Whacky.
This recording belongs to the musical "Finding Neverland" except for the sound of my daughter singing over the recording and my Uke on there too.
great kids song for Yr 4/5 studying bush rangers. Taken from one of the ABC Sing books. It's in the key of E.
Iko Iko original recordeing is Jimmy Fallon, Sia, Natalie Portman & The Roots but I changed the key and tempo and added a uke and guitar track and my own ...