Melodii album "robertson klaingar"

Ken asks chunli out soon - created at How do I get this to the weird part of youtube?
Nach, eres musica. A bit choppy but still wanted to add it. Hope you like it.
Thanks to androidec81 for letting me know about this band. They've got some amazing songs.
Beautiful, mellow song by bebe. I won't speculate on its meaning, All I know is it's a cool song. If you do know the meaning though, comment below. Unrelated: If ...
I thought this song would be much easier to translate. But when I stopped dancing I wondered... does this even make sense? Still love this though... TACATA.
Nice song I heard a while back in the movie "Man on Fire." I loved it even though I understood nothin of what was being said. Pretty cool song.
More Cafe tacvba.
Interesting lyrics.How do you make sense out of that? Nice song though. More translated songs at: Or just subscribe.
Nice song. I remember hearing it a while back. Only back then I had no idea what it meant. More translated songs at:
A fascinating song. I wonder what went on in their heads while they wrote this song. Must not be easy to take on a government, even if it's just with words.
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I'm trying to learn spanish through songs and I've been looking online but can't find a translation of this, so I thought I'd make mine. Feel free to tell me if there ...
Rob and Sandy are lost and try to find each other. - created at