Melodii album "escella"

I cackled.
Original video can be found here: French Horn Credit to Nysten The Druid. Special Thanks to Malvadin for the ...
StopMotion-Esq project for my Documentary Photography class. I do not own this music, Cake does. I am not Cake.
It's a lame movie trailer I made several months ago that I accidently uploaded to my other channel and just realized... whoops!
via YouTube Capture.
Cassidy and I make a movie trailer.
Simon and Garfunkel's Cecilia, with lyrics, of course! Also, obviously I don't own the rights to this song or anything related to this song at all whatsoever.
It's all in the title. I'm actually taking an AMV making class at my computer camp, which is kinda lame, but my counselor is going to teach me Premier Pro, which ...
I had to write a Ballad for my Creative Writing class, and make a video to go along with it. So this is mine! :) Featuring camp friends and my delightful boyfriend, ...
The song *fin by Anberlin from the album Cities. I do not own any rights to this song.
Simon and Garfunkel - The Boxer I do not own any rights to this song.
Cewan is the best dancer to ever exist. You guys should see him in the club. :D I love him so much!
Video reenacting the Six Day War. Yeah, we used swords. That's only because I don't own a gun. :p The big one is Israel, the little one is everyone else. I forgot ...
Bloopers form my CWS project LOL.