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I've been looking for these cartoons for years, and I finally found some. I'll upload more if this video is a success.
The second part of my extreme horror collection. WARNING! may not be suitable for younger veiwers, do not watch if you are easily offended. [SEE LIST BELOW] ...
The first part of my extreme horror DVD collection [SEE LIST BELOW] . The Exorcist . ERASERHEAD . BEGOTTEN . Henry portrait of a serial killer .
Debris documentar is a sick film by Marian Dora the director of (Melancholie der engel) it's the most disgusting film I've seen so far. Adults only please, this ...
Reise nach Agatis 2010 is an extreme horror film by Marian Dora the same director of (Melancholie der engel) and Cannibal 2006. Not many horror fans know ...
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Warning: Offensive but true!
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Use the pause button and full screen to see.
18+ only! The purpose of this video is to document not arouse.
Girls kissing from your favourite animes.
More religious comedy. Note: use the pause button and full screen when necessary.
The funny side of religion.
Prepare to have your mind blown.
PLEASE READ LIST*********** This video looks at the evidence of a number of unexplained creatures... . Alians . Bigfoot . Canvey monster . Dragons .