Melodii album "iammarth"
So this just happened... Typical enrage kill. Song: Feint - Atlas It's Enhancer time, baby! Song: Feint - Lonesong Don't get confused by the Monk tank in the healing meters, it's a common Skada bug. Songs: Vicetone - What I've Waited For (feat. I'm back. And I still suck. Song: Sleepmakeswaves - How We Built The Ocean.
Alte Version.
Match ID: 905162266.
First time I tried this out. Forgot to record a couple of times unfortunately. I will try to continue this and to get better shots.
4:55 dat grip Songs: Maduk - Never Again Rameses B - Memoirs (Feint Remix)
Chaotic kills are the best kills Songs: Submatik - Stories Can Wait MitiS - Endeavours.
First time phase 3 ever = pew pew! Songs: MrVoletron - Stormwind/Main Theme Feint - Vision Driver. Songs: Hot Date! & Chrisson - Overcome (This Time) Stan SB - Dead.
TILT Songs: Stan SB - Anyone Out There Feint - Your Own Way (feat. Stan SB)
15. :3
Papu having fun D: