Melodii album "ronnie thomas"

Check out both artists. CBIII Marshall Brothers Music ...
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Please read! This is not about beef or drama! This is just fans of both artists picking the video they like. I am a fan of both and of every artists I use in my videos.
I do not own any rights to either song. This is just for fun and to enjoy good music from both artists.
Vote for the song you like best!
This is strictly voting for which video you like best! Not about drama or diss or beef between the artists.
I do not own the rights to either songs.
Thought I would throw together a montage for the song to show why Church will be a legend. Images taken from google images. I do not own any rights to ...
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Hope you enjoy some new music and help these guys out! As always this is not to start drama or beef between artists, just helping get the music out to more ...
I know it's new guy vs the king but I thought people might enjoy hearing them somewhat together. Maybe one day they will do a collaboration.
Hope you like the new intro! music created by me and images are from google and pinterest!
Remember this is just for fun and to vote for the video you enjoy best. This is not about drama or who is better just to relax enjoy music from all the artists and to ...