Melodii album "thezibatarinmoosighi"

The most beautiful #Girlsofrevolutionstreet kind of civil disobedience. This mother can hardly walk, but she stood up for freedom and put her white headscarf on ...
IRAN Januar 2018.
at Dezful, a city south of Iran where all the oil is.
Iranians in Norway In solidarity with the iranian people in Iran ,and their widely protests now ,2018 rohet shah.
Iranians in Norway protest in solidarity with the protests in Iran 2017/2018.
Iran protest 2017-2018.
vocal is Mehrdad/ Songwriter and poetreader Masoud Amini.
Masih Alinejad about veil in Iran / Iran Is For ALL Iranians /Veil Or No Veil /Hijab /Bi Hijab.
You dont have to be a criminal to get jailed in Iran :(
Hooshang Parsay has got legimite stay here in Norway ,but when other criminals like Mullah Krekar ,live here with ALL rights ...Hooshang that has comitted NO ...
Norway Oslo 1 08 15 Iranians protest against Mullah regimes Khamenei promotion in Oslo.
Mohammad Mokhtari was killed by iranian security forces 14 february 2011 ,may he rest in peace ,and let us not forget all the lifes that got lost in the strugle for ...
declame by Behzad and english translation and subtitled by my dear friend Omid ,from inside Iran is Behzad channel ... please sign and share . Majid Tavakoli .pls read Majid has got the students peace prise in Norway ...