Melodii album "johnny buffalo"
The pokerap has a new style! Panda - Desiigner?! Gengar - Buffaalo!!!!!!!! And of course, Team Rocket makes an appearance. They're nothing if not persistent.
The opening track from a performance at the Midwest Beatbox Battle in Columbus Ohio in July, 2016. Johnny Buffalo combines the performance aspects of a ...
A Johnny Buffalo original. Get ready for a brand new electronic performance experience. Combining live guitar, bass, beatbox and vocals over fully produced ...
wiggle wiggle meets stairway. EP coming soon!
Things got a little weird being snowed in...productive, but weird. Follow me on Instagram @johnny.buffalo
With feet of snow outside, it was the perfect day to stay in and make some music. instagram @johnny.buffalo.
My version of Purple Haze by the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Like, subscribe and share! Stay tuned for more instagtam ...
Live electronic music. Beatbox and a moog, all looped live. Like, share, and subscribe!
Purple Haze and Voodoo Child covered by Johnny Buffalo. Beatboxing, bass synth, and guitar, all performed live. Like, subscribe, and share!
A cover by Merissa Czyz (vocals) and Johnny Buffalo (beatbox/guitar) at Symphonics Live in October. Like, subscribe, and share!