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  • Download Bella S Fernandes age 8 - Via Dolorosa - Singing and playing.
    Fisier incarcat de saulo fernandes
    Isabella Sophia Ricciardi Fernandes, age 8, sings and plays the original version of Via Dolorosa, on the Classical guitar. Via Dolorosa a classic piece from the ...
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  • Download Via Dolorosa by Sandi Patty (Cover)
    Fisier incarcat de simplyguitar
    My instrumental attempt to play this classic gospel by Sandi Patty.This song really touches me.I used the chords Em-D-CM7(2X)Am-Em-D-B-Em(Stanza) ...
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  • Download Via Dolorosa - Acappella - Classic 2
    Fisier incarcat de Claudio Martinelli
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  • Download Via Dolorosa
    Fisier incarcat de tshetsholo naro
    Gei-ü,Naga Traditional Instrument(D.A Chasie )and Classical Guitar (Selipi Thongtsar) Jesus has given all his Best for us It's time we give him back our Best.
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  • Download Via Dolorosa Classic
    Fisier incarcat de Wing Lau
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  • Download Via Dolorosa - Acappella Classics 2
    Fisier incarcat de haydensophie
    Vía Dolorosa Lead: Felipe Arias Lyrics: Down the Vía Dolorosa in Jerusalem that day The soldiers tried to clear the narrow streets But a crowd pressed in to see ...
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  • Download Rivera Bomma - Via Dolorosa
    Fisier incarcat de kostasdel
    Epic metal cover of a classic christian song.
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  • Download Via Dolorosa - Top Senior Small Group - Columbus, OH 2013
    Fisier incarcat de StarQuestDance
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  • Download Via dolorosa classic guitar solo
    Fisier incarcat de Dominican trip MTB
    Por la via dolorosa classic guitar Guitarra viscaya Cuerdas daddario proarte ej49 normal tension cuerdas negras Daddario chords ej49 black chords.
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  • Download TheCoconet - Musumusu Atu performed by Via Dolorosa
    Fisier incarcat de TheCoconetTV
    Via Dolorosa's fun operatic arrangement of the classic Samoan love song, "Musumusu atu".
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  • Download Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Lea Salonga, Cadet Glee Club of West Point and
    Fisier incarcat de StandYeSteady
    The legendary General Douglas MacArthur has left the American people with many memorable statements, but how many of us know that during his farewell ...
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  • Download Via Dolorosa (Guitar Instrumental)
    Fisier incarcat de Oleg Shishko
    This is a recording of how my two friends are playing their guitars. Although the recording is not the best, they play it very well.
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  • Download Medley: Theme from Schindler's List/Via Dolorosa - Maurice Sklar
    Fisier incarcat de O Arquivista Blog
    Músicas: Theme from Schindler's List/Via Dolorosa Artista: Maurice Sklar Álbum: Songs of Zion Integrity Music 1995.
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  • Download Jim Thompson Via Dolorosa
    Fisier incarcat de clazzjim
    gospel guitar music.
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  • Download Felipe Chavinholo - Via Dolorosa
    Fisier incarcat de Felipe Marinho
    Felipe Chavinholo - Pela Via Dolorosa Minha versão de pela via dolorosa gravado com a mini guitarra. Equipo - Guitar Rig e câmera JVC.