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  • Download [ddlc spoilers] lower your expectations
    Fisier incarcat de tsumugilovemail
    guess who just got into ddlc and also spent 2 hours setting up all the sprites i gotta fix some of monika's sprites smh I HAD TO EDIT THIS VIDEO BECAUSE I ...
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  • Download Doki Doki Literature Club - Lower Your Expectations ANIMATIC
    Fisier incarcat de Brightgoat
    Audio - Lower your expectations by Bo Burnham
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  • Download (ndrv3 chapter 1 spoilers) lower your expectations
    Fisier incarcat de Bakamatsu
    tw for first ndrv3 execution huh who knew i liked AMAMATSU.
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  • Download Monika plays the piano (SPOILERS)
    Fisier incarcat de Friskyfrisks
    I need more memes Music: Kill yourself - Bo Burnham Youre Reality - Dan Salvato (Doki Doki Literature club) ***Disclaimer : I owe none of the music and the ...
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  • Download Bo-ki Bo-ki Literature Club (DDLC Spoilers)
    Fisier incarcat de zacxl
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  • Download Hajime Wants You To Lower Your Expectations
    Fisier incarcat de Ituru
    Audio: Warning: Spoilers Be Ahead.
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  • Download Bo Burnham -
    Fisier incarcat de CatComet _
    I did this Bo Burnham's song:
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  • Download Doki Doki Literature Club in a Nutshell
    Fisier incarcat de Selph94
    ddlc is my life rn AUDIO FROM: HEATHERS Where you can find me!
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  • Download *Kill Yourself ~ Edit* (DDLC Spoilers)
    Fisier incarcat de PeachPaints
    THIS VIDEO IS MEANT FOE COMEDY AND NOTHING ELSE. Do not actually go with Monika's Advice. If you are suffering from depression please do not ...
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  • Download 【ANIMATIC】I STILL LOVE YOU (DDLC) -spoiler alert-
    Fisier incarcat de Rumay Chian
    The video was erased because it had an error :( Yep! I did another animatic for fun, this is the third one...? HAHAHA omg Song: I hate u, I love u ft. olivia o'brien ...
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  • Download Doki Doki Literature Club Fan Animation M/V [IMMENSE SPOILERS]
    Fisier incarcat de ANGELILYworks TOOK NEARLY A MONTH. OTL;; Doki Doki Literature Club is made by the amazing Dan Salvato! Song: Two of Us - Ayako Ono This ...
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  • Download Doki doki literature club basically
    Fisier incarcat de HanniLady
    Follow my bff @Eilish Morse O'Rourke.
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  • Download Soda Drama - Doki Doki Literature Club (ANIMATIC)
    Fisier incarcat de Sangled
    local club president struggles for control and order --- it's thanksgiving break and i can finally work on videos again :D some notes: 1. if you are unfamiliar with ...
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  • Download Sayori's lifeboat- DDLC (Doki doki literature club) Animatic
    Fisier incarcat de michaelblue
    Just for fun and practice. Pls don' t take down my video. ;_; Audio : Lifeboat-Heathers Ps. Sorry for the bad quality.
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  • Download Yuri Rap God (spoilers)
    Fisier incarcat de Thomas Hell
    Yuri from Doki Doki Literature Club attempts to ascend into a rap god by giving up her physical form. so this has reached 100k views y'all are sick lmao.