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  • Download Electric arcs on high voltage overhead catenary [ compilation ]
    Fisier incarcat de TC Rail
    Intentionally induced electric arcing between the pantograph and the overhead catenary. An old 480p footage, shot some 11 years ago. Subscribe to stay tuned ...
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    Fisier incarcat de WORLDOFHV
    Never Try This Yourself! Facebook Group: My Facebook:
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  • Download 5000 DEGREE electric arcs | High Voltage |
    Fisier incarcat de Plasma Channel
    An apocalypse it truly is, filled with arcs, sparks, and blinding flashes of plasma. We break down why sparks and arcs look the way they do, and what variables ...
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  • Download Electric arcs on high voltage overhead catenary  compilation  480P
    Fisier incarcat de andy davis
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  • Download 115kv dragon
    Fisier incarcat de Joe Chenoweth
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  • Download Electrical Explosions and Arcing - Revised
    Fisier incarcat de MyEarbot
    Several spectacular examples the explosive force of high voltage power, including uncontrolled arcing at high voltage power substations and a controlled ...
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  • Download Powerful Electric Arcs || ViralHog
    Fisier incarcat de ViralHog
    Occurred on April 15, 2018 / Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA "I was at work at a gas station during an ice storm and the electric wires started arcing and making noise ...
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  • Download Top 5 Dangerous Short Circuit
    Fisier incarcat de Engineering World
    How does Electrical Fire happen? A high current fault can create an electrical fire by forming a high energy arc flash which rapidly vaporizes metal and ...
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  • Download Fullish boy trying towith high voltage Train Eclectricity wires
    Fisier incarcat de hot videos
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  • Download Powerline Arc Explosion Short Circuit
    Fisier incarcat de 132000Volts
    Another video of explosion of powerlines. Classic.
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  • Download Short circuit on the 110 kV transmission line
    Fisier incarcat de Weird Hunter
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  • Download Electrical Safety: Crane Truck Contact
    Fisier incarcat de WorkSafeBC
    In this video, a crane truck operator contacts a high-voltage power line. If this happens and you are not in immediate danger, stay put until help arrives. If you are ...
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  • Download Electrical Explosion, Electrical fire, High voltage
    Fisier incarcat de Nam Dương Đình
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  • Download 500KV Substation arc.. Nice
    Fisier incarcat de Blade Runner
    This video clip was captured by the maintenance foreman of the 500 kV Eldorado Substation near Boulder City, Nevada. It shows a three-phase motorized air ...
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  • Download Power Lines Flash Over
    Fisier incarcat de Robin Lim
    The High Voltage Flash over on the Live Lines.