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  • Download A Different Member Singing in Each Ear - BTS Selections (Wear Headphones)
    Fisier incarcat de SJ K
    Split channel vocals for (mostly) identical parts, BTS version. I only included some of my favorite songs, as their discography is quite extensive. With BTS, it's ...
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  • Download [21+ Bts Taekook/Taehyung/Jungkook Oneshot] Stranger Things
    Fisier incarcat de Yoonsexuals
    Some of you requested this and some of you was probaby waiting on this soooo, here ya go. Hope you enjoy! If I have grammar errors... just ignore those please ...
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  • Download kim taehyung ⌜redbone⌟
    Fisier incarcat de taehyungdior
    taehyung edit with a 70's retro vibe // ◦ childish gambino - redbone (70s remix)
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  • Download ⌈Talk Dirty⌋➵  Jeon JungKook
    Fisier incarcat de 『It's Paula』
    A- B- R- I - R ☕☕☕☕☕ Pedido echo por: Candy L espero que te guste este Mv de Kookie, abriré una nova sección en mi canal llamada Crossover, se trata de ...
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  • Download You look like JEON JUNGKOOK
    Fisier incarcat de leader. vibes
    No regrets yolo swag XD Sorry Jungkook.
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  • Download JUNGKOOK - CrazyInLove [BloodSweatTears Edition]
    Fisier incarcat de BTS ARMY ITALIA
    From the first time I heard and watched Blood Sweat Tears , I got this ''50 Shades'' vibe , so I thought of making a little edit using one of the famous OST .
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  • Download JUNGKOOK CALLS ME NOONA [FANCAM] 150926 BTS Autograph Session @ Highlight Tour Atlanta 2015
    Fisier incarcat de theultimatedodo
    so... for some reason this vid has gotten really popular lately in terms of views/comments, and after reading some comments i just wanted to address a few things ...
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  • Download JUNGKOOK [dirty videos]❗️💗
    Fisier incarcat de min hollyshit
    jungkookie dirty videos follow me on my social medias Instagram:@bybysora_ Instagram:@shinhoseokoppa Instagram:@wateverjimin ...
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  • Download OPV - KookJin. Earned it. (Fic-BTS OS : Special Friend.)
    Fisier incarcat de enerjin
    OPV - KookJin. Fic-BTS OS : Special Friend. Contact : Twitter @Ntn1822 Song : Earned it. The weekend.
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  • Download OPV - KookJin. Animal. (Fic-BTS OS : My Stalkers.)
    Fisier incarcat de enerjin
    OPV - KookJin. Fic-BTS OS : My Stalkers Contace : Twitter @Ntn1822 ...
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  • Download [Unpretty Rapstar] ep.07 : Jimin(지민) -
    Fisier incarcat de Mnet K-POP
    사뿐히 밟아 빨간 카펫′ 지민(feat.아이언)-Puss @Seimi-Final:언프리티랩스타 7화 쇼미더머니 girls [언프리티랩스타] 매주 목요일 밤 11시.
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  • Download Who is more suitable for Jungkook?  Tzuyu or Lisa
    Fisier incarcat de Certified Fan
    TzuKook or LisKook? The hint 'Yes I'm a bad boy so I like bad girl' does not implied Lisa nor Tzuyu straightforwardly. Either of the two can be the "Bad Girl" it's up ...
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  • Download jungkook - Dirty Wine [FMV]
    Fisier incarcat de Dazedgyeom
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  • Download Moaning The8/Minghao😌😏
    Fisier incarcat de go_mapta
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  • Download [FMV] Park Jimin - Crazy In Love
    Fisier incarcat de Chimtterfly
    HOW TF DO I SURVIVE AFTER THIS?!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE MYSELF I DID THIS SERIOUSLY *ugly sobs* by the way, this kind of FMV were too mainstream, esp ...